The construction of a superyacht, from the first sketch to the maiden trip, is a complex and challenging project. The ultimate goal is to make the customer's dream come true. As engineers, we work hard every day to find the best solutions for this so that we can meet that expectation.

Our strength is that we think along to ensure that the customer gets the superyacht of his dreams. The interests of the owner are paramount, but the vision of the architect is also important: we make as few concessions as possible when developing the design. We translate the architect's design in such a way that the aesthetic vision is optimally expressed. We have a keen eye for the overall picture with the aesthetic quality; at the same time, we look at feasibility with a carpenter's eye. We call this vision with precision.

We also set the bar high when it comes to sustainability. Building superyachts is a combination of art, traditional craftsmanship and high end technology. At Van Roosmalen we feel our responsibility and we realize that as a link in this chain we must also contribute to the realization of the latest insights. In our opinion, innovation and progress are the key.

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