Design and Project Management

We are Van Roosmalen Superyacht Projects, practically oriented project managers in the superyacht sector. Project management in the field of design & engineering of exclusive yacht interiors and exteriors is our absolute specialty.

Dutch shipyards from the top segment of the superyacht sector count on our experience and expertise when requiring additional capacity at management level or when searching for substantial support regarding a large project. Contributing to the construction of the most beautiful yachts in the world entails more than just being motivated; you really need to feel driven to accept the challenge. From the initial sketch to the moment of a superyacht's launch, each detail must be perfect as only the best is good enough.

Each superyacht is unique and the process preceding the launch is challenging. Keeping an overview of such a complex project is far from simple. As interim managers we monitor the progress and quality of the process, and ensure that the work is done in accordance with the applicable shipyard standards. We may be passionate but also have our feet firmly on the “upper deck”; to be able to function at this level, you must be a team player, able to switch quickly, even with the deadline in sight. And no matter how big that challenge is, the human factor is leading.

Project management and the human scale

Quality, planning and budget taking the human scale into account. The realisation of a superyacht is a challenging and complex project. Van Roosmalen Superyacht Projects ensures, despite this complexity, that the vision of both the designer and client is realised as well and as efficiently as possible. We like to share our thoughts from the very start of the project. Our many years’ of experience in various positions enables us to present workable solutions that can be instantly applied on the shop floor.

Each successful project starts with a realistic schedule that is carefully monitored during construction preparation. Obstacles and misunderstandings are accurately dealt with to prevent any delays in the building process. And if an issue does occur, we timely communicate it so that the schedule can be adjusted accordingly. Thanks to our extensive experience in various roles, we speak the language of both engineers and team leaders, furniture makers, carpenters and subcontractors. Building a superyacht is teamwork which is why we never lose sight of the human scale.

Experienced and independent partner

Van Roosmalen Superyacht Projects, as an independent project agency, will help you strengthen your position in the superyacht sector. We have ample experience in supervising the technical and creative detailing of luxury areas, wheel houses, service areas and crew accommodations. We are not only put into action for modern newbuilds, we also enjoy collaborating on refits and rebuilds of classic motor and sailing yachts.

Innovation with a goal

As project and design managers we are always on the lookout for new possibilities to improve work processes. In order to advise you as best we can, we keep track of the latest developments in the fields of management, design and engineering. The goal is to always realise the best possible result for the client.

Have we piqued your interest?

We are happy to talk to you at every stage of your project. Whether you are looking for a design company to develop design sketches, or a partner to share their thoughts and ideas on the project management of a complex interior design, we are happy to explain our working method further.

A project starts with a conversation about your wishes, challenges and vision. We are always ready to join in exploring how we can help with your next project.

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