Van Roosmalen Superyacht Projects specializes in the design and engineering of exclusive yacht interiors. The architect's vision is central to this. We ensure that this can be realized as efficiently and logically as possible.

Engineers with a carpenter's eye

Even though we are engineers, we also have an eye for beautiful craftsmanship. Thanks to our practical experience, we are able to take into account the feasibility of a design at an early stage and ... with our production drawings the carpentry department can get to work immediately.

  • Get started right away with the production drawings and CNC files
  • Less time needed to check production drawings
  • Get started quickly with reliable parts lists and saw lists
  • Savings in time and costs

The technical design drawings are critical in the process. The choices that are then made have a major impact on the production process. By already thinking along at this stage when translating the design into first technical drawings, we prevent delays later in the process. In this way we also ensure an efficient and logical translation into the final production drawings. If desired, we can also join in earlier and make architectual design drawings based on the architect's first design sketches.

The technical design drawings are important in communication with the architect and the customer, but also for production: by taking their feedback and wishes into account at this stage, we ensure that production can immediately start construction.

Talk further?

Need extra capacity in the drawing room, reinforcement on a project basis or sparring with an experienced project manager? Contact us for a no-obligation introduction. We are always ready to explore together how we can help with the realization of your project.

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