The different roles

Van Roosmalen Superyacht Projects unburdens shipyards in the top segment of the superyacht sector that require temporary reinforcement. As experienced interim managers we provide design and project management. We have ample knowledge and experience at various levels; from design & engineering up to and including the production process. As an independent sparring partner we can take a new fresh look at the whole project. We like to share thoughts on how the client's and architect's vision is given its due in the execution.

Functional project manager interior & exterior outfitting

In this role the client takes centre stage: The construction of a superyacht must be a highlight in the life of its owner, which is why it is important that the client experience is adequately monitored in all phases of the building process. In order to ensure that experience, we could be part of your project team, if you so wish, and function as the connecting link between what an owner wants and the shipyard where the completion of any luxury segments is concerned. In this respect, we are the spider in the web of different stakeholders in the building process: project leader, owner representative, captain, designers, engineers, subcontractors and other project members. From the General Arrangement we ensure a sturdy base for the execution. The most important considerations here are design, technology, usability, schedule and budget. We aim for processes where the connection with both the client and the execution is maintained. We engage in the thought process as independent experts while also presenting our own functional proposals.

We view all drawings, conclude good agreements and ensure that all the right signatures are in place so that the client's and architect's vision is truly realised. All this while sharply observing shipyard standards and safety requirements. Where necessary, we also explain why certain choices cannot be realised without taking anything away from the requirements or the design. But, above all, we ensure that the client has a top experience during all phases of the building process, with the pinnacle of a superyacht interior or exterior that is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Design project manager interior & exterior outfitting

From the first sketch to the moment of launching the architect's hand must be recognisable in all superyacht facets. The only way to achieve this is by getting to the bottom of the creative design and it is that vision that we translate into a technically feasible design so that further detailing can take place in a next phase. 

No matter the complexity of building a superyacht, it is the inspiration that must be tangible and that will transform a yacht into a proper superyacht. 

Technical project manager interior & exterior outfitting

As project engineers, we form the connecting link between the lead engineer and the execution. In collaboration with the functional project manager, we focus mainly on the technical part of the work. As experienced project engineers we can be critical of the design, share thoughts in this respect and come up with our own technical creative suggestions.

We ensure a sound integration of the technology in the design, taking insulation plans and safety requirements, among others, into account. Various disciplines come together in this phase and are included in the design; body construction, mechanical engineering, electrics and, obviously, interior construction including furniture technology. We coordinate the work and monitor the quality. All this to serve the Technical Design.

Have we piqued your interest?

We are happy to talk to you at every stage of your project. Whether you are looking for a design company to develop design sketches, or a partner to share their thoughts and ideas on the project management of a complex interior design, we are happy to explain our working method further.

A project starts with a conversation about your wishes, challenges and vision. We are always ready to join in exploring how we can help with your next project.

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