Why Van Roosmalen?

Specialist shipyards from the top segment of the superyacht sector rely on the expertise of Van Roosmalen Superyacht Projects. It's not for nothing. Four reasons why you can't miss Van Roosmalen:

1. A deal is a deal

You can be sure that drawings are ready on time and that the carpentry department can get to work immediately. We think along from the start of a project and ensure a tight schedule that we live up to. In consultation with the customer, we can adjust the planning in time and avoid surprises.

2. Production drawings with a carpenter's eye

We have a keen eye for aesthetic quality; at the same time, we look at feasibility with a carpenter's eye. You will receive technical design and production drawings that can be used immediately. Our draftsmen are real engineers, they understand what the shop floor needs. It is not enough that a drawing is correct, it also has to be easy to build.

3. Thinking foreman

With complex projects it is nice to spar with a professional who knows the practice: founder Kees-Sjeng van Roosmalen has extensive experience as a designer, engineer, project engineer and project manager at leading shipyards. That is why he knows better than anyone what professionals need in the workplace. In this way you get, as it were, a cooperating foreman who acts as a connecting link between the architect, drawing room and shop floor.

4. Family business with a close-knit team

Delivering top quality is only possible if you can blindly rely on expertise and commitment. That is why we invest in long-term relationships. With our customers, but also with our specialized engineers: we invest a lot of time and energy in training and innovation. This makes us a reliable partner that helps you to deliver top quality. Again and again.

Talk further?

Want to know more about our options? Need extra capacity in the drawing room, reinforcement on a project basis or sparring with an experienced project manager? Contact us for a no-obligation conversation. We are ready to explore together how we can help with the realization of your project.

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