The project managers

Kees-Sjeng van Roosmalen

As is the case with many in the superyacht world, it’s obvious where I got it from: my father is a marine engineer and my mother comes from a family of very handy furniture makers. A shipwright friend once enabled me to visit a superyacht when I was still a child; something forever etched in my mind.

I was originally trained as a HR Manager but also as a building contractor where I executed many projects as an independent interior builder. But, as my DNA dictates, I eventually managed to advance my career from being a technical draughtsman for a yacht architect to management positions in the superyacht sector. The practical and substantive knowledge obtained in various positions, comes in useful in my work as a practically oriented interim manager; I speak the designer’s language, understand how to convert a sketch into a technical drawing, but I also understand which solutions are required for a trouble-free execution.

As project engineer, you are responsible for the integration of the interior or exterior with the other disciplines. You are the connecting link between the lead engineer and the executing team and it is your job to ensure that everything functions well and that all details are correct. Each project is different, presents new challenges. In addition, you are continuously dealing with other people, which makes it quite varied. There is a lot to arrange and coordinate. You consult with the entire team and ensure that everyone knows exactly what his or her role is to make it all go more smoothly. In the end it really doesn’t matter who came up with the best idea as it's a joint effort.

I enjoy motivating people to do their work well. After all, it is and remains their work! As interim manager you are responsible for what everyone does. This will always prove to be a challenge but, ultimately, it always works out well which is what makes this so much fun; everyone working in the superyacht sector is passionate about their craft!

Sung Soo den Dulk

From the moment I became acquainted with superyacht building, the passion typical for everyone working in this sector immediately effected me. Striving for the ultimate perfection, pushing beyond all limits as well as the essential craftsmanship and the detailing of the interiors, those are the factors that appeals to me in particular.

Being from a different background, I had no direct affinity with technology or shipbuilding and was first introduced to superyacht building by my partner Kees-Sjeng, as he was already working in that sector. I accompanied him to open days, launches and other activities. The drive continuously increased and I apprenticed myself to my partner. I conducted an in-depth study of furniture-making to obtain more affinity with technology and (ship) timber construction and, in addition, followed courses in 2D and 3D drawing programmes. After that I worked as an interior engineer for several years and eventually managed the day-to-day management of our own engineering office with 6 employees. Nowadays I focus specifically on supervising external projects where the focus is on the processes with the end goal that the interior is assembled on board without any problems.

I was originally trained in Management, Economy and Law. I gained much experience in various organisations and in this way observed many companies from within. As an independent project manager you continuously work in new situations with new challenges, something that fits me to a tee. I enjoy unravelling situations and processes on the job. How does it work? How can we ensure that the project runs pleasantly and smoothly for all parties involved? How do we secure a balance between the various interests without losing track of the schedule and result? It helps to know what it's like to work as an engineer, which challenges and disappointments you may face and how proud you feel when you conquer those together. Actually, you should occasionally go back to engineering to not lose the connection with the work processes.

What is my added value in a project? What drives me? I become enthusiastic when everyone on the team feels appreciated. I enjoy making quick and well-considered choices and achieving pragmatic solutions. Without breaking out in a run, of course, but rather by keeping a brisk pace. I’m proud when a team actually works as a team and strives for the same goal.

I consider it important for a manager to keep the overview without any technical details being lost. I totally get my second wind if there is a lot to arrange as challenges keep me on my toes and motivated!

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