The America's Cup and a Cup of Joe

As we've grown substantially in the past years, we would like to keep you informed of the developments within and outside our business. The one time a bit light-hearted, the other with a bit more depth. We do this via both a short newsletter and on the weblog of our renewed website. What can you expect? Consider new developments and examples of innovations in the superyacht sector that drew our attention. This time we would like to give a moment's thought to the Superyacht Forum of this month. The theme this year; a sustainable future for the superyacht sector. In this respect, we were impressed by new applications for futuristic sails used in the America's Cup. But also news about young owners from the tech sector, searching for a different type of superyacht. Please visit the new weblog if you want to read our report on this as the three days turned out to be very inspiring.

Meanwhile, our feet are firmly back on deck again – or at the drawing board – with the wind filling the sails. We would like to also apply this energy to our customers. The number of employees has increased, enabling us to handle more and bigger projects. So, could your drawing room use a boost? Do you require additional hands and brains for a large project? Or do you just want to talk about the options Van Roosmalen has to offer while enjoying a “Cup” of Joe? Let us know, we're happy to help.