We see ourselves primarily as a “digital interior design company”. Our expertise lies in the digital design and digital construction of luxury maritime interiors in 2D and 3D. The office is led by Kees-Sjeng van Roosmalen and Sung Soo den Dulk. They have divided the tasks and complement each other in the right way.


A successful customer-specific design has its own identity and is fully tailored to the person it is intended for. The starting points are always unique requirements, personal preferences and local circumstances. These generally arise from the nature of the future use, the personal taste of the customer and the location and shape in which it must fit. A good designer adds structure to these aspects and creates something that is functional, aesthetic and in line with the customer's wishes. All this within the limits of technology.


Our mission is to provide design and engineering capacity in the development of custom interiors and exteriors in the top segment. We refine the original design with great skill and smart solutions. A process that can be compared to processing a rough diamond into a flawless end product. In addition to Autocad 2D and Rhinceros 3D, we now use (if the project requires it) the more production-oriented 3D software package Top Solid' Wood.


Van Roosmalen Superyacht Projects is an agency that consists exclusively of professionals and where work and pleasure go hand in hand. In this setting we, as a team, can realize specialist projects for you! Click on the photo for more images.